Clean, green, premium tea, from the pristine plantations of Australia

  Currently in Australia, our plantations consist of tea plants (Camellia Sinensis) derived from the Yabukita & Sayamakaori Japanese Cultivar. These cultivars are the most popular breed for the production of Japanese Sencha tea. An early ripening variety of plant, these cultivars have a subtle and delicate character, which is a feature of an early-ripening variety. Additionally, Yabukita is also particularly high in antioxidants, providing a plethora of health benefits.




Jeff and the John- founders of AUSTEA, have travelled the world extensively, learning and understanding this huge industry, whilst at the same time digesting and disseminating information from various connected parties including both State and Federal Governments.

  We now believe, as Australia’s most qualified Tea authority, that we have the knowledge, experience, passion, vision and importantly, contacts to drive such an industry forward.

  We have created alliances with some of the best, and most respected growers and producers in China, India and Taiwan who are giving us technical support which when combined with our  ‘Southern Hemisphere’ production cycle, 'Aussie ingenuity' and Australia’s ‘clean & green’ quality and standards, enables us to produce internationally recognised and award winning teas that improve year upon year.

Join us on our journey...