From little things big things grow...

Co-founder of AUSTEA John Robb (Horticulturist) was first introduced to the concept of growing Green Tea in Australia over 20 years ago.

At that time, John was the General Manager of Paradise Plants – one of the largest Camellia nurseries in NSW. This nursery was started by the famous plant hunter Mr Bob Cherry. Over many years, Bob collected Camellias from all over Asia, including several different species of tea (tea being a member of the Camellia family). These tea plants not only survived in the NSW climate, they thrived.

In the early 2000’s, Paradise Plants was approached by the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) to propagate tea plants for the new emerging green tea industry. More than 50,000 plants were successfully propagated & supplied to establish their pilot plantation.

John Robb became more and more involved and excited about this new opportunity in tea. He has worked closely for several years with the DPI, the Victorian tea growers group, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC).

In 2007, John was introduced to a consultant named Jeff Thompson who specialised in international business development, financing, partnering, government support issues and export opportunities.

This association led to the formation of a new company called Australian Green Tea Pty Ltd (AGTPL). The aim of AGTPL was to act as a catalyst to help develop the tea industry in Australia and eventually develop the first, Australian only, brand of tea.

"AUSTEA was born..."

 Based on the rolling farmlands of the Somersby Plateau, in Mangrove Mountain, NSW. AUSTEA founders John Robb & Jeff Thompson, have been supporting the creation of this new industry, sharing their vision with Australian farmers, recognising the magnificent and ever growing opportunity to be a player, in today's world tea market.

Many Australian tea farmers up until now, have been growing exclusively for the Japanese market. But now, with the support of AUSTEA, headed by a new team of industry professionals, with decades of experience, we have created a new brand- designed to showcase the finest Australian teas and Indigenous tisanes, from plantations across Australia.

AUSTEA proudly presents the absolute finest Australian teas all handcrafted using clean and green biological farming methods, without the use of pesticides.

When you drink our teas, you’re not drinking the leaves, you’re drinking the flavour compounds that are extracted from them, by water, you’re drinking their essence- the rich nutrients derived from the land, water and clean air, from which it was grown and harvested. Each cup of AUSTEA tea reveals the story, from plant, to cup.

Welcome to Austea.

John Robb, Dee Thompson, & Jeff Thompson at this years Fine Foods Sydney.