Australian Indigenous tisane herbal tea
Australian Indigenous tisane herbal tea
Australian Indigenous tisane herbal tea

Bellingen Guradji - Yama Cured

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Region: Bellingen, New South Wales

Type: Indigenous Tisane

Yama (yar-ma) means ‘to give’ or ‘to share’.

Our Yama Cured tisane has a distinctive and contrasting taste to our Raw Sundried Gurạdji. Our Yama Gurạdji leaves are harvested from from natural groves growing under tree canopies  (the leaves from plants grown in shade, produce more chlorophyll and amino acids- like theanine, resulting in a deep green colour and rich, fuller flavour).

The leaves are then steamed for a precise amount of time soon after harvest to stop the oxidisation of antioxidants. Then they are put through a unique hands-on drying process of hand rolling the leaves before lightly roasting them dry. This softens the fibres and releases flavour, giving it our own distinctive rich sweet and more embodied taste and aroma. 

Our Yama cured tisane is cleansing and refreshing- it has a delicate balance of sweet, soft bitter and green leafy tones with a pleasant umami taste.

The compounds, in this tisane, are known to be highly effective in fighting ageing, as well as, their neuroprotective potential- in diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s.

Brewing instructions: Approx. 2 scoops or 3-4 grams for every 250ml of water
for a 3-5-minute infusion at 100c. Up to 3 infusions.